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Forwarder handling

Our services

Thinking out of the box

Cargologic’s innovational credentials are seen not only in its skilled and professional employees, but also in its open and communicative day-to-day collaboration with its customers and suppliers.

By doing so, we take inspiration from the latest available technologies, more economic processes, optimized product variations, ecological improvements and more. And in all of this we naturally put a strong focus not on trial and experiment but on direct concrete benefit.        

For us, this means getting together regularly in interdisciplinary groups to discuss possible product innovations and process enhancements in all our business areas.

By taking new viewpoints, Cargologic makes innovation not only a strategic priority but also a firm part of its daily business, to help to give its customers their competitive edge.


Forwarder handling

The full range of ready-for-carriage and bonded-storage services

Cargologic also applies its extensive expertise and its own consignment handling systems to the first steps in the landside cargo handling process. With our short channels and our optimized handling procedures, we offer quick and top-quality services in the “ready for carriage” field.      

At Cargologic we offer the following import and export services:

  • Goods acceptance and control (including truck loading/unloading)
  • Shipment consolidations
  • Temporary consignment storage
  • ULD assembly
  • Labelling
  • Ready-for-carriage preparation
  • Handover to airline handling agents
  • Transfer to the bonded storage

Our special facilities and the extra care they provide are a particular challenge for our processes and our personnel. They include our extra-secure duty free warehouse area, to which many of our customers entrust their sensitive valuable goods:

  • Bonded storage (of duty- and tax-free items)
  • Artwork storage
  • Strongrooms
  • Bonded storage boxes for rent