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Cargo security services

Our services

Thinking out of the box

Cargologic’s innovational credentials are seen not only in its skilled and professional employees, but also in its open and communicative day-to-day collaboration with its customers and suppliers.

By doing so, we take inspiration from the latest available technologies, more economic processes, optimized product variations, ecological improvements and more. And in all of this we naturally put a strong focus not on trial and experiment but on direct concrete benefit.        

For us, this means getting together regularly in interdisciplinary groups to discuss possible product innovations and process enhancements in all our business areas.

By taking new viewpoints, Cargologic makes innovation not only a strategic priority but also a firm part of its daily business, to help to give its customers their competitive edge.


Cargo security services

State-of-the-art security checks in line with official international regulations

Smooth and reliable security checks are a huge help in all the collaborations with our partners and customers. We have acquired the equipment and knowledge we need to conduct them. Our own security arrangements are a top priority, and are constantly modified to meet the latest legal demands. Needless to say, this includes regular training and certifications.

Our cargo security services extend in particular to:  

  • X-ray screening, trace detection and further approved methods
  • Regular Advanced Training for screening staff in accordance with all the authorities’ requirements
  • Protecting cargo from unauthorized interference in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and the National Aviation Security Program (NASP), EU security provisions, the provisions of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and any additional requirements of airlines and shippers