Our company

Facts and figures

Our company

Our keen and motivated employees who make all the difference.

Almost 650 people work for Cargologic. They come from various countries and are engaged in a wide range of functions. This range of nationalities and skills requests a top professionalism on both the recruiting and the training fronts.

People make the difference in any service business and Cargologic is well aware of the value of its employees. This is why our top management puts such a strong emphasis on its leadership principles. Cargologic is offering a wide range of technical training and personal development opportunities. We expect our employees to observe the following principles:

  • We work as a team and learn from each other
  • We are keenly committed and strive for further improvement
  • We tackle problems directly with those concerned wherever possible and through the usual service channels
  • We are cost-minded, goal-focused and quality-conscious in all our work and activities
  • We are skilled and competent, and think and act beyond our own area and concerns
  • We are honest and helpful, and practise joint respect

A people business

Facts and Figures

A strong foundation for further development

Cargologic’s strategy is aimed at sustainable further growth with a focus on its prime Swiss market, along with careful and targeted further product development. This should lay a sound and stable foundation for delivering outstanding service quality right from the start, even in new business areas.     

Cargologic at a glance:

Annual cargo volume handled 430,000 tonnes
Total handling area 92,000 square metres
Annual handling capacity 500,000 tonnes
ULD and pallet capacity 3,500 ULDs and 8,200 pallets
Annual pallet volume Around 420,000
Employees Around 650
Business partners Over 50 airlines and more than 20 forwarders
Quality performance 99.5%