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Our company

Our keen and motivated employees who make all the difference.

Almost 650 people work for Cargologic. They come from various countries and are engaged in a wide range of functions. This range of nationalities and skills requests a top professionalism on both the recruiting and the training fronts.

People make the difference in any service business and Cargologic is well aware of the value of its employees. This is why our top management puts such a strong emphasis on its leadership principles. Cargologic is offering a wide range of technical training and personal development opportunities. We expect our employees to observe the following principles:

  • We work as a team and learn from each other
  • We are keenly committed and strive for further improvement
  • We tackle problems directly with those concerned wherever possible and through the usual service channels
  • We are cost-minded, goal-focused and quality-conscious in all our work and activities
  • We are skilled and competent, and think and act beyond our own area and concerns
  • We are honest and helpful, and practise joint respect

A people business


Local responsibility, international relations

Cargologic is Switzerland’s leading provider of airfreight GROUND handling services, and has been serving airlines and forwarders at various Swiss airports for over 70 years. 

Cargologic has set itself the goal of growing faster, more profitably and more sustainably than other market participants.     

Cargologic is known for its innovative logistics solutions. Since 2002 we have been part of the international Rhenus Group, which has a workforce of more than 37,500 employees at over 970 locations all over the globe.        

To ensure our successful long-term development - in the interests of our customers, employees and investors - we put a particular emphasis on three key elements: leadership, competence and innovation.

We achieve this through our corporate values of quality, efficiency and innovation, and by ensuring every day that we meet every demand with professionalism and flexibility.

Our customers

Their wishes and needs are the focus of all our actions and activities. We do our utmost to identify the customers demand and meet them in every respect.      

Our employees

Thanks to our highly motivated personnel we can optimally serve our customers. Extensive basic and advanced trainings are the foundation of our quality handling services.     

Our quality

The quality of our products and services is the base of our customers’ satisfaction. Our comprehensive quality assurance systems ensure that we maintain our top quality standards. But it is our employees’ commitment to them that enables us to achieve our quality objectives.

Our society and environment

We are part of the society and as such we are committed to contributing to the general good, protecting the environment and preserving natural resources.

Our code of conduct

Observing all legal, ethical and moral parameters demands substantial personal integrity. This is something that we demand and expect of every Cargologic employee.

Corporate Compliance

The Rhenus Group’s business operations are subject to many different laws across a range of countries and regions. More...


Past continuity for future growth

Cargologic can trace its origins back to 1951, when it began its logistics activities at Zurich Airport as Swissair’s Cargo Division. The company was established in 1996 as an independent entity within the SAirGroup. Cargologic has been part of the international Rhenus Group since 2002.

Key recent milestones:


Cargologic has been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 14001


New AWB Tracking App for Cargologic customer


Cargologic takes over the post handling for the majority of airlines at Zurich Airport

Cargologic Bern authorized by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation to conduct cargo x-ray screening
CarCEIV certification earned from IATA
Cargologic Basel moves into a new 3,000-square-metre cargo terminal
GDP certifications earned for Cargologic Zurich, Basel and Bern from the cantonal authorities
Vehicle fleet switched from fossil fuel to electric power, saving 400 tonnes of carbon emissions a year
Cargologic Zurich moves into the new 2,300-square-metre F6 cargo hall for its forwarder handling activities
2009 - 2014
Numerous new customers and regular awards for outstanding service quality
New security services offered at Zurich Airport following the acquisition of four x-ray machines
Cargologic enters the bonded-store business with the acquisition of Zürcher Freilager AG, based at Zurich Airport
CARIDO cargo IT-system replaced with advanced CARGOSPOT software
Lugano operation begins
Basel operation begins
Cargologic enters the forwarder handling field with the acquisition of Cargo Ground Service (CGS) forwarder handling operations
Cargologic becomes part of the Rhenus Group
New 43,000-square-metre cargo handling centre equipped with two automatic storage systems opened at Zurich Airport
Bern operation begins
Cargologic AG founded as an independent cargo handling company within the Swissair Group