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Cargologic expands the scope of its business

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Zurich, 13 October 2021

Cargologic expands the scope of its business

As of 1 January 2022, Cargologic AG will take over the vehicle maintenance and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maintenance areas of business from SR Technics Switzerland AG in addition to its existing fields of activity. In doing so, Cargologic is substantially broadening its technical activities and will in future be providing more services for external customers.

Cargologic AG is the market leader in airfreight transshipment in Switzerland and at Zurich and Bern Airports. At those locations, it performs airfreight handling tasks for airlines and haulage companies as well as contract logistics for forwarders. In addition, Cargologic has acquired impressive technical competencies: as well as operating its own forklift workshop and battery charging station, it performs maintenance tasks for ground handling equipment such as airfreight palettes and refrigerated containers. Cargologic staff also maintain key freight handling facilities, such as consignments warehouses and airfreight palette stores.

Takeover as of the start of 2022
With effect from 1 January 2022, Cargologic will extend its field of activities further by expanding into vehicle maintenance and ground service equipment (GSE) maintenance. As a result, it will acquire some 2700 m2 of workspace at Zurich Airport from SR Technics and offer its employees respective positions. The takeover is a logical and sustainable addition to Cargologic’s own technical capabilities: the newly created synergies mean that the company can offer external customers a bigger range of services. “We’re convinced that this will enable us to grow and continue providing services to a high standard”, says Marco Gredig, CEO of Cargologic AG.

Jean-Marc Lenz, CEO of SR Technics, comments: "As part of our strategic focus on Engine Services and Line Maintenance in Switzerland, we always strive to find joint solutions with our partners so that all customers continue to receive the required services in the usual scope. The valuable skills and expertise of our employees have been recognized and I am pleased that Cargologic is in the process to offer the appropriate positions to the employees concerned. We are thus working on a long-term solution in the favour of Zurich Airport’s economic region.

Located in the Technics & Application business area
The bulk of the maintenance work is carried out on airport-specific vehicles, machinery and equipment. Given the particular characteristics of the airport environment (security aspects/customs border), the newly acquired unit will continue to be located at the airport. In organizational terms, it is part of the Technics & Application division, which is positioned in the market as a whole and is undergoing continuous development.

Leader in airfreight handling
As Switzerland’s leading provider of airfreight handling services, Cargologic processes some 440,000 tonnes of freight p.a. The company currently employs around 800 staff at its Zurich and Bern sites. Cargologic offers airlines and forwarders tailored services in all areas of freight handling. This includes import, export and transit consignments, handling of special freight items and carrying out security checks for airfreight.

Cargologic: part of the Rhenus Group
The Rhenus Group is one of the leading global providers of logistics services, with annual turnover of EUR 5.4 billion. 33,500 employees work at 820 business sites and develop innovative solutions right across the supply chain. Whether providing transport, warehousing, customs clearance or value-added services, the family business pools its operations in various business units where customers’ needs are the major focus at all times.

About SR Technics
The SR Technics Group is a world-leading MRO service provider in the civil aviation industry headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Working with an extensive network of partners and business development offices in Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East. We offer comprehensive, fully customized solutions for the Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul of aircraft engines, airframe, and components including impeccable technical support to over 500 customers worldwide. To start your MRO journey, visit

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